Can Smelling This Magic Mushroom Really Make You Orgasm?

Shape It may have more to do with the power of your mind than a fantasy of a fungus. "We would've figured it out a long time ago if women's desire was as simple as smelling a fungus," laughs Holly Richmond, Ph.D., a somatic psychologist and certified sex therapist. "We can't even create a women's version of Viagra—as shown by the recent Addyi debacle—so I doubt this mushroom will do it." The thing many people don't understand, Richmond says, is that women's and men's orgasms are totally different biological processes. "For men it's relatively simple—you're increasing blood flow to get an erection," she explains. "For women, it's a combination of arousal and desire. Arousal is what's happening physiologically. But a crucial component of an orgasm from women is desire, the wanting and yearning. This begs the question: If you're carrying around this fungus, what does it make you desire? Is it sex with partner? Anonymous sex? Sex with yourself?" Read the full article by Charlotte Hilton Andersen from SHAPE here:

Holly Richmond, PhD