About Holly Richmond, Ph.D., Certified Sex Therapist

Dr Holly Richmond

Dr. Holly Richmond is a Somatic Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist (CST), and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). This unique combination of professional credentials enables her to focus on clients’ cognitive process as well as mind-body health. Dr. Richmond is one of North America’s leading sex therapists serving Hollywood’s elite as well as prominent corporate clientele. She works with women, men, couples and gender-diverse individuals on relationship and sexuality issues, and offers consultation to students and fellow therapists. Treatment specialties include compulsive sexuality (often called “addiction”), desire discrepancies in couples, recovery from sexual assault and abuse, and alternative/non-traditional sexual expression. Dr. Richmond’s dissertation The Recovery of Sexual Health After Sexual Assault, is an innovative look at both somatic and psychological factors in survivors’ recovery.

Dr. Richmond sees clients in an integrative healthcare setting in both Los Angeles and Portland, and offers sexual health coaching nationally and internationally.  She has extensive experience and success utilizing tele-therapy, which may be a preferred option for clients due to location, scheduling or simply a preference for being in the comfort of one’s own space. These clients enjoy the accessibility of having a therapy session via a secure web platform at their convenience. In addition to these treatment opportunities, Dr. Richmond also offers “concierge therapy,” a unique, high-level service that provides clients with nearly instant access to support for symptom mitigation.

A trusted authority on sexual health issues with a significant media following, Dr. Richmond has been quoted in publications and media outlets including The New York Times, CNN, Shape, NBC, Redbook, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Health. She is also a recognized writer and media specialist, with over 500 published works since beginning her career in journalism in 1994.

Treatment specialties include:

  • Couples therapy (mismatched libidos, high conflict, infidelity)
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Negotiating open relationships
  • Recovery of sexual health after abuse or assault
  • Pain during sex
  • Non-traditional sexual expression/fetishes


  • Adult industry
  • Distance counseling (tele-therapy and sex coaching via Skype/Face Time/Hangouts etc.)
  • Psychosomatic symptom presentation
  • Sexual compulsivity resolution

Dr. Richmond is a sought-after consultant in the adult film industry, seen as a pioneer in bridging the gap between sexual health education and entertainment. Her work with Stephen Duclos through the Next-Sex platform is an exploration of the context of emerging technology on sexuality, and how to positively influence both sexual and technological development. This is also the subject of a forthcoming book—the culmination of their extensive research and involvement in sex/tech field. The Next-Sex platform promises to become a valuable tool for trend forecasting in this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Each interlinked facet of Dr. Richmond’s work is grounded in a sex-positive perspective: all sex is good sex as long as it is consensual and pleasurable. This non-judgmental position allows her to assist clients in discovering their true needs, desires and personal path to wellness. Dedicated to her clients’ total well-being, Dr. Richmond frequently utilizes collateral resources, allowing for a holistic approach to individual, relational and sexual health.