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Not sure about ‘slow sex’? Here’s why you should embrace it.

Calling all vaginas that have been numb-struck by the jackhammer. Think sex performed like someone’s trying to shake the dregs out of a ketchup bottle: hard and fast and clumsy and… I. Will. Get. This. Orgasm. Out. Of. Here. The orgasm, of course, being his – while you’re left wondering what exactly he thinks your vagina is made of (Rubber? Steel? The virtually indestructible stuff astronauts wear into space?). Cue a recent poll by Men’s Fitness ranking the jackhammer as women’s no.1 sex peeve. “Besides seeing it in porn and thinking it to be the norm, some men do it […]

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This Action-Packed Sex Tip Could Lead to Better Orgasms

If you’re still relying solely on your imagination to get off, it’s time to introduce your masturbation and sex habits to the 21st century, where virtual reality adult films are undeniably and unequivocally a thing. Sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D, pioneered the virtual reality adult film industry last year with Virtual Sexology, which is erotic virtual reality aimed toward helping men control and prolong their orgasms — making them last longer in bed. The film is porn company BaDoink VR’s most downloaded virtual reality film out of over 500 films. Now, Richmond is steering her Virtual Sexology sights on women, a demographic largely ignored by adult film companies, […]

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