Future of Sex

VR Sex Therapy Series for Women Aims to Educate and Spark Their Unique Desires

“What Women Want” is the newest installment in BaDoinkVR’s Virtual Sexology series which–as the name suggests, is designed specifically with the female user in mind. This is a virtual reality experience for sex education and therapy. It aims to bridge the gap between education and entertainment and help women enhance sexual pleasure and performance, both solo and with their partners. The idea, explains Dinorah Hernandez, Director at BaDoinkVR [NSFW], was to provide a much more hands-on approach to discovering female sexual empowerment: “We’re striving to appeal to a large demographic of women that have been widely ignored by the adult industry, […]

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VR Porn: What Are We Afraid of?

A beautiful, sexy woman crosses the room toward you. She’s nearly naked, and so close you can see the tiny beads of sweat between her breasts. She crawls up the bed toward you, leaving the rest of her clothes behind her. You can smell her skin as she approaches; hear her breath quickening much like your own. You can feel your pulse racing in anticipation of her touch. The only thing is, none of this is real. But it sure feels like it is. This is virtual reality pornography, orVR porn, where, with the right equipment and software, you can […]

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