What is the best way to deal with feelings of guilt and disappointment due to infertility?

Q: What is the best way to deal with feelings of guilt and disappointment due to infertility? Dear We Want More, My husband and I both come from big families and both wanted to have a big family of our own. Unfortunately this just wasn’t in the cards as we faced infertility issues throughout our marriage and both struggled with the disappointment. While my husband was supportive and took things in stride I felt constant anxiety over not being to give him children. What would have been the best way to deal with these feelings of guilt and disappointment? –

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The Recovery of Sexual Health After Sexual Assault

People often ask me why I focused the majority of my early experience in the field of psychotherapy to working with survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Then they’ll usually say something like, “That’s a rough job. I could never do it.” For me, working with survivors is never “rough,” and I think more people could do it if they understood the job. It can be challenging, heart-breaking and anger-producing, but at the end of the day it is always hopeful. These strong individuals are in my office–they are looking for help and support. I feel lucky to be

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Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy is an interdisciplinary practice involving the study of the soma (body) and the psyche (mind). It relies heavily on principles of embodiment—being present in your body in order to most fully understand and engage in the world around you. In my personal practice, somatic psychology does not involve physical touch, though the emotional depth reached is often unparalleled. The mind and body are too often viewed as separate entities, which implies a split. I believe there is no such thing; one cannot exist without the other. If we are always in our bodies, addictions may arise. If we

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Holly Richmond, PhD