I Was Told That Breathwork Turns Your Hands Into Lobster Claws and Eviscerates Your Soul

Ten minutes into my first breathwork class I felt a light dizziness and a tingling in my hands and feet, but I pushed through it and continued sucking up air. Music blared—a mix of chanting and popular songs—as the instructor paced the room shouting inspiration while his assistants pounded a gong. Several people erupted in tears, others in laughter. One man growled. I’d heard that breathwork—a New Age practice that involves controlled, rhythmic breathing—was therapeutic and helps release pent-up emotions which, like many of us, I tend to keep pent. It hadn’t been difficult finding a class. Endorsed by the

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Whatever Harvey Weinstein Is, He Is No Sex Addict, Experts Say

It’s happened again: A powerful, famous man is accused of improper, even criminal, sexual behavior and says he’s seeking therapy to deal with it. “Guys, I’m not doing OK,” Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein said Wednesday in a video licensed to NBC News. “I’m trying. I’ve got to get help.” While there’s no official confirmation of where Weinstein is headed or what type of therapy he may be getting, experts contacted by NBC News said that whatever he may have done, he’s not a sex addict. And most say there’s no such thing as sex addiction. Psychiatrists debated whether to include

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‘Sex Addict’ Therapy Unlikely to Help Harvey Weinstein, According to Experts

Russell Brand,  Tiger Woods, Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Douglas have proclaimed they were sex addicts after their philandering was revealed ‘You can control your impulses. He just decided not to do so,’ said Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist Psychologist: ‘There is no evidence that sex addiction treatment actually works’  Not one published study that shows sex addiction treatment has a positive effect Fallen Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has reportedly checked in to a US rehabilitation center that treats male sex addicts, but experts say such therapy is unlikely to help. English comic actor Russell Brand, golfer Tiger Woods, rocker

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What to Do When Everything in Your Relationship Is Great—Except the Sex

Maybe the sex was all rockets and fireworks when you first met, but it’s been a while since you’ve felt sparks. Or you’re in a newish romance which is promising in every way, except that you just don’t feel sexually in sync. Is it you—or him? And is your otherwise great relationship doomed just because you can’t build heat between the sheets? No, say the experts. “It takes some work, but it’s usually solvable,” says Holly Richmond, PhD, psychologist and certified sex therapist in Southern California. Here’s how to turn things around so you rock your relationship in and out of the bedroom. Rule out a health problem

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5 Things to Consider Before Having a Threesome While in a Relationship

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7 Signs You Might Be Hard-Wired for Monogamy

From Broad City to Unicornland, open relationships are appearing more in pop culture. There are many forms of consensual non-monogamy (CNM), ranging from “don’t ask, don’t tell” sexually open relationships to polyamory, in which people both date and sleep with multiple partners. According to Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, a sex educator and adjunct professor in human sexuality at NYU, interest in CNM across the board is rising, but Google searches have especially spiked for polyamory. With all the hubbub, if you’re monogamous, you may be wondering if you’re missing out. While Dr. Holly Richmond, PhD., somatic psychologist and sex therapist, stresses the importance of not pathologizing

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Virtual Porn Could Give Her Better Orgasms—and Help You Last Longer in Bed

Virtual reality: It’s changing the way we date, and masturbate, and now it’s working to change our orgasms for the better. How? A recent Forbes story explains that the work of sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D, is leading to a new frontier in sexual education, as she uses virtual reality porn to help women (and men) explore their innermost desires in as real and visceral a manner as possible. Indeed, Richmond’s program, known as Virtual Sexology, has been used with men as well, in an effort to help them last longer in bed and have better control over their orgasm. Now, her series is expanding its mission by placing women in

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​​7 Sex Positions To Try If You Hate Being On Top

There are a lot of great things about being on top during sex, from having control of the speed and tempo, to experiencing deep penetration with clitoral stimulation and having intense eye contact with your partner. But some women find all that to be a little too much—and that’s OK. (You should definitely finish with one of these 5 sex positions for an orgasmic finale.) “Whether it is due to body size, ability, or self-esteem, there are many reasons women may shy away from being on top,” says Jennifer A. Wiessner, a certified sex therapist (CST) from Cumberland, Maine. “For many women

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This Virtual Reality Edutainment Porn Is Teaching Women To Get Off

Inside a mansion, deep in the heart of Los Angeles glamorous Calabasas district, porn performer and former pro-soccer athlete Jay Smooth straddles his costar, his pecs pumped to perfection, the tiniest bead of sweat on his forehead. “And we’re rolling!” calls the director. Cue action, a few miles from the mansions of Justin Bieber and the Kardashian clan. But rather than see the traditional wham-bam porn viewers are used to, he gently picks up his co-star’s leg and massages it. “You’re so beautiful, I want to kiss you, let me touch your legs, your feet,” he purrs, his baby blue

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Sex and the City with Dr. Holly Richmond

When it comes to sex, and everything to do with the topic, Hollywood’s a-list turn to one lady to help… Dr. Holly Richmond! Growing up in the Finger Lakes region near Rochester, Dr. Richmond has become one of the top Somatic Psychologists and Marriage & Sex Therapists in the country, who now works with some of the biggest celebrities and notable figures. Additionally, she is a published author and has actually been the leading voice/expert on how new types of technology (such as virtual reality adult entertainment) is a positive key factor for relationships and one’s personal health. The Levity

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