4 Ways to Make Your Orgasm Last Longer

If you’re already orgasming, that’s awesome. But what if there was a way to actually make those orgasms last longer, so that you’re getting those powerful sensations for a few extra glorious minutes. Turns out, you’re in luck — you can prolong your orgasms with a few simple tricks. While you can do these with a partner, you can always practice during solo time, too. In fact, there are actually a few health benefits to orgasms, so there’s really no harm in practicing. You might want to try these little hacks and see if there’s a difference. If so, all

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The Truth About Whether 5 “Vaginal Tightening Treatments” Actually Work

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20 Things No Wife Ever Wants to Hear

We all know that honesty is generally the best policy when it comes to long-term partnerships, but there are certain cases where brutal forthrightness can cause more harm than good. Herewith, you’ll discover all of the phrases and sayings your wife absolutely never wants to hear. So read on, and think carefully before you speak. And if your marriage is going wonderfully and you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, don’t miss these amazing secrets.  1.”You remind me of my mother.” This might sound like a compliment in your head, but chances are that’s not how she’ll hear it.

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Don’t Be Alarmed If You Get a Headache During Sex — It’s Normal and Manageable

You’re getting to the moment of climax and suddenly your head starts pounding. WTF, right? Sure, you’re probably bummed out (there goes your orgasm), but you may also be really confused. You don’t normally associate sex with head pain. It turns out you can actually get a sex headache as arousal starts to build, either right before you’re about to orgasm or during your orgasm. Neither is ideal, of course. “The first is a dull aching in the head or neck, and the second is a severe ache just prior to or during orgasm. Most sex headaches last for a

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Recreational or Procreational? Study Links Marijuana Use with More Frequent Sex

People who smoke marijuana reported having more sexual intercourse than non-users, according to a new study conducted by urologists at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The results were modest but statistically significant: Non-users said they had engaged in sexual intercourse between five and six times in the previous month. Daily pot smokers reported having intercourse around seven times over that same period. The frequency was in-between for people who smoked marijuana less often, on a weekly or monthly basis: they reported having sex more than abstainers, but less than daily users. “I was surprised,” said Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the

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Getting Intimate: Talking Together About ED

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), it’s important to get past your awkward feelings and talk things over with your partner. ED is a problem with many solutions — and it starts with the two of you. Look for a way to move beyond the stress and work together. “If you’re in a relationship, erectile dysfunction isn’t just happening to the man — it’s happening to the couple,” says Barry McCarthy PhD, author of Coping with Erectile Dysfunction and professor of psychology at American University. If both partners face it together, they can prevent ED from pushing them apart. Things Couples Need to Know

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Dr. Holly Richmond on TCN Nine News (Sydney)

Watch Dr. Holly Richmond weigh in on how the rich and famous deal with so-called “sex addiction.”          

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9 Sex Positions That Use Common Gym Equipment

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I Went on a Month-Long Quest to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

Usually I’m content with one orgasm. More than content. Thrilled! But I’d always heard of women who could could climax multiple timesand wondered whether I was missing something. Yes, I’d had more than one orgasm before, but it usually happened randomly and alone. I wanted to learn how to do it on command, damn it! And I’d heard there were techniques I could use to make that happen, so I consulted some experts. Turns out, training yourself to become multi-orgasmic is totally doable—in theory. “Sexual-health medical doctors report that most, if not all, women can achieve multiple orgasms, from a

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10 Habits of Highly Sexual Couples

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