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4 Things That Happen To Your Vagina When You Stop Having Sex

prevention_logoLuckily, even if a woman is a virgin, most vaginal pain is fleeting and can be “cured” with a steady application of patience, foreplay, and lubrication. But in some cases, the vaginal muscles get so contracted that penetration—even from a tampon or finger—is impossible. This condition is called vaginismus, and there are a variety of reasons why it occurs; sometimes it happens after rape or abuse, but it can be random as well.

If this happens to you, get help right away. “I recommend seeing a gynecologist to get a diagnosis and a recommendation for a pelvic-floor physical therapist,” says sex therapist Holly Richmond, PhD. She explains that the pelvic-floor physical therapist will put you through a series of gentle exercises. “The therapist will also prescribe a series of dilators to insert, gradually increasing in size.”

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